by Ellipsis

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released December 31, 2013

Producer/Engineer - Chris Cosentino (Citadel Studios)
Mastering - Troy Glessner (Spectre Studios)



all rights reserved


Ellipsis Toronto, Ontario

Brand new EP 'Ancestral' available now!

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Track Name: Ancestral
Breaking the foundations of what this all was built on,
I seek to know the purpose to our true design.

Emerging from these ancient walls,
I see the hopes and dreams of those who carved the path,
Leading to an ascent, beyond our conscious state
With every effort, we aspire to drive this world into the ground

You claim to see a purpose?

Distant visions fill the void
In disconnection, from this universe
I can observe the truth

Why can’t we see that we were designed to seek out our creators?
An ancestral race who meant for us to be so much more

The answers lie beyond the veil of time

This world is lost
Beyond our dreams
Track Name: Temporal Displacement
Ignite the dreams of a people who are no longer tethered to the stars

A progressive expansion of destruction
Can we perceive the endless cycle that we've set to our paths?

To our path
A new horizon appears before our very eyes

We are faced by revelations,
With implications to our existence

We were never supposed to see the schematics of our design
We are lost within time itself

An advent of abstract knowledge paired with a lack of vision

I need to understand my,..

Seeking vision

Track Name: Catatonia
If destiny has brought us here
Why are we so held down by the choices we’ve made?
The universe calls and it’s my burden to bear

Open my eyes
To be floating in insight

I can let go

Escape the grip fear has on your mind
Could this be the answer we’re searching for?
I can hear them calling for me
Left in the ashes of my consciousness,
Threads of knowledge crumble through dimensions

And I find myself looking for something tangible to hold on to
I stand in witness as my life deserts me